Monday, 13 July 2009

Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune & the Solar Eclipse

The Jupiter alignments with Chiron and Neptune

As I write this, we have just returned from a magnificent meditation inside the circle at Stonehenge last night, to celebrate the second alignment this year of Jupiter with Chiron and Neptune. With all three of these currently retrograde (appearing to move backwards from Earth's perspective) they are releasing us from our attachments to old belief systems that may have served us well in the past to bring us to this point in our understanding and spiritual evolution. However, in order to move forwards into the next phase of our development we need to embrace a new personal and planetary vision for our future. This retrograde part of the cycle is offering us all the possibility to let go, and allow our new Vision to emerge, so that we may fully embrace it when Chiron and Neptune finally conjunct over Hawaii in February 2010, offering the possibility for planetary healing on an unprecedented scale. The last time this alignment occurred was the day after the signing of the Japanese surrender in 1945. This heralded the beginning of a whole new world order, as it will next February, as we begin to truly emerge from the global process of dissolution from old paradigms based on greed and corruption, that we have all been immersed in during the last year or more.

We were blessed to be joined in our meditation at Stonehenge last night, by a true master of the didgeridoo, Sika with his partner Caitlin, from New Zealand. As he played to release the patterns of the past held in the land, to open the ways for our new Visions to emerge, it felt as though the whole planet was resonating with the energy at this sacred place. As he said afterwards, he felt as though he were playing to the whole planet, as we all felt it too, and have remained in a profoundly altered state for the whole of the next day!
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The next step in this process of release, will be the Total Solar Eclipse on 22nd July.

Total Solar Eclipse – 22nd July 2009

This Eclipse begins off the west coast of India, near Surat, passes across northern India, clipping Nepal and Bangladesh, then through Bhutan, Assam and across China, passing just south of Shanghai, south of Japan, and ending about 1,000 miles east of western Samoa, in the south Pacific. Maximum Eclipse occurs at 24°16.4'N 144°00.9'E, about 725 miles north of Guam, and about 250 miles south-east of Iwo Jima (Iōtō) in the Volcano Islands, Pacific Ocean, at 02.35 UT (GMT).

You are encouraged to "tune in" to the energies of this Eclipse, wherever you are, and in whatever way you may choose, through meditation, ceremony, music, or simply being in stillness. The focus is to release past patterns and attachments, in order to create space in your being for new insights and a new Vision for your future and the planet's future to begin to manifest. The Eclipse runs from 0.55 to 4.15 Universal Time (formerly GMT), with maximum Eclipse at 02.35 UT, so you will need to adjust for the Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) for wherever you are. (In Europe: 02.35 UT = 03.35 BST, 04.35 CEDT. In USA, it will be on 21st July at 22.35 EDT, 21.35 CDT, 20.35 MDT, 19.35 PDT, and so on).

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This is a South Node Eclipse, so is concerned with releasing patterns from the past. The point of Maximum Totality lies just inside the northern Pacific UVG) Energy Grid, on the other edge of which lies Hawaii, where the Chiron – Neptune conjunction of February 2010 will occur. So this Eclipse will continue the process of clearing the physical, energetic and emotional trauma within this grid region, left as a result of some of the harshest battles of WW II (Iwo Jima and Guam), so that the pure healing frequencies of the Chiron – Neptune conjunction can flow in unimpeded in February 2010. Remember that this Chiron-Neptune conjunction last occurred at the end of WW II in the Pacific, with the surrender of Japan, so this is the completion of a cycle of healing that has taken 64 years.

(We are currently setting things in motion, in order to convene a group to work with the Healing Energies of Chiron and Neptune on Maui, Hawaii, in February 2010 – email if you might be interested in joining us there).

At Maximum Eclipse, the Sun and Moon are at 29° 27’ Cancer – the Sabian symbol for this degree is “A Daughter of the American Revolution” – the interpretation of which is concerned with the process by which a Tradition that once was born of Revolution now extols law and order, and attempts to suppress any new forms of the same revolutionary spirit, which gave rise to that Tradition in the first place. In order for new life and new growth to take place, every so often we need a revolution in consciousness. That time is now.

This Eclipse is marking the final passing of the Old Paradigms from the Age of Pisces. It is releasing us from those aspects of “Tradition”, which have actually resulted in the suppression truth, love, tolerance, spontaneity, creativity and a direct connection with the Spirit.

Our old emotional “Comfort Zones”, signified by Sun and Moon in Cancer, are being challenged; the South Node in the first degree of Leo is calling us all (not just the politicians!) to let go of narrow self-interest, or feathering our own nests, if it is in any way at the expense of the Collective or Greater Whole. The North Node in the first degree of Aquarius is a challenge to truly embrace the Aquarian ideals of Brotherhood/Sisterhood and Collective Responsibility, and to turn them into a reality for everyone, not just the elite few, or those who are “in the know”, or awakening to the New Energies of “Ascension”. “Ascension” means that the whole planet is raising its frequencies to resonate with the more refined levels of Spirit. As this happens, everything which does not or cannot resonate with those frequencies, will become glaringly obvious to all around and act as a “millstone around the neck”, until it is released.

This is what is happening now on a Global scale, because it is plain for all the world to see that the Old World Order, and the institutions that sustain it are no longer working, despite the “best intentions” of even the most aware and conscious of world leaders, and largely because of the “intentions” of those world leaders who have not been not particularly aware or conscious.

The Sun and Moon are part of a “Learning Triangle” with Juno and Pluto, which suggests that this Eclipse is part of the on-going process for each of us to learn about becoming empowered from the level of the soul, and moving into Right Relationship with all that is. Pluto retrograde is about reclaiming our power from all the places, and people where we may have given it away in the past. Collectively, we are well on the way towards this, but there is still much to be learned as we have discovered in the UK with mind-boggling instances of how those “in power” have been systematically abusing their privileges for decades – hold on to your seats, I have a feeling that you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! When dinosaurs fall, they tend to create a very big bump.

Uranus is, for the moment, retrograde in the last few degrees of Pisces (26° 27’), reaping the harvest of the wisdom of the last 2000 years of the Age of Pisces. At the same time it brings the opportunity for a last letting go of all the patterns from that Age that are holding us back from our collective spiritual development and from awakening to the direct experience of the reality of Spirit.

Uranus is part of a “Sensitivity Rectangle” formed with the Jupiter, Chiron Neptune conjunction, with Ceres and with Pallas Athene. The Sensitivity rectangle always carries a message of Urgency – wake up, wake up, because if you don’t wake up, it will become really, really uncomfortable for you, and it will continue to get more and more uncomfortable until you decide to wake up…so there is only one way to deal with it – wake up!

Uranus remains retrograde until 1st December 2009, and enters Aries on 28th May 2010. It turns retrograde again on 5th July 2010, returning to Pisces, just to deal with any remaining Piscean dregs, until 12th March 2011, when it finally re-enters and remains in Aries. So, we all have until then to really Wake Up. One wonders just how much more it will take before we decide that enough is enough and we’d better all wake up….”Ooh, can’t we all stay in the old illusions just a little bit longer please, we’re not ready to wake up yet…” Well yes, we can keep returning to them until March 2011, then the New Reality will hit! You have been warned…but you may choose to continue to ignore this warning until March 2011, until life becomes so intolerable that you will one day decide “I think I’d better wake up.” So, what is required by this Eclipse, in order for us to wake up?

Uranus is in opposition to Ceres in Virgo, which suggests that we really need to wake up to the messages that we are receiving from the Earth, about learning to honour Her for her own sake, not just because of the ways that Climate Change is affecting us personally or nationally. Also in the pattern with Uranus are Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune, which we have already looked at as bringing the need for a new Vision for planetary change and healing, bearing in mind that a new Vision requires Visionaries, and not just the same, tired old political solutions, dressed up in new clothes.

These three (Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune) are also in opposition to Pallas Athene in Leo (24° 27’) – the Sabian symbol for this is “A Large Camel Is Seen Crossing A Vast And Forbidding Desert”. This suggests that we are in for a challenging journey, but we have the resources to deal with it, as long as we create clear boundaries, and curb the desires of the ego, for the good of the Greater Whole. Pallas is about being true to our inner knowing, facing facts, and creating the circumstances which enable us to move forward with integrity, intelligence and insight – at least we now have an American President who seems to embody these qualities.

One final thing about this Eclipse – Vesta in Cancer remains un-aspected by any other planets, suggesting that this is an opportunity to truly stand back from all that has been going on, listen to our hearts, and BE in our hearts – we can be assured that what we will feel and understand from this will be true, as Vesta is uninfluenced from the outside at this time. We will get a very clear reflection of what our heart’s state of being currently is. No matter what we feel and see, it is important to acknowledge the reality of this, because it will be a reflection of the true state of our Spirit at this time, without judgment, without expectation, but with a simple and loving acceptance (towards ourselves) of “this is how it is right now.” Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune can show us what might need to change in the future, but for now Vesta is there to connect us with gratitude, appreciation and acceptance of who we are in this moment.