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Winter Solstice 2011

Winter Solstice 2011
22nd December, 05.30 Universal Time (GMT)

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Jupiter opposing Saturn – going nowhere fast

An opposition between retrograde Jupiter and Saturn, which began on November 25th, forms the ‘backbone’ of the chart for this Winter Solstice. The opposition lasts until 25th February 2012, but will be somewhat eased when Jupiter turns direct on Christmas Day – our ‘gift from the gods’.

Normally, Jupiter represents the ‘accelerator’ and Saturn the ‘brake’ to our forward movement. Whenever they are in opposition, this creates a push-pull situation in many areas of our lives; now it is manifesting particularly in the areas of finance, and our ability to further our vision for the future. Trying to make forward progress, with Jupiter retrograde, is often having the opposite to the desired effect.

Jupiter, in the very first degrees of Taurus, wants to manifest a new vision for our future, particularly in relation to the material world. Saturn, in the last few degrees of Libra, is reaping the fruits of our past relationship with the material world, and will continue to do so until it enters Scorpio in early October 2012. At this Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn are both making a T-square pattern with Venus in Aquarius. She is calling, imploring and pleading with us to put our relationship with the material world, and with our finances, into the context of Aquarian Age principles and ideals.

It is plain for all to see that the old financial-material paradigm, and our relationship to it, is just not working. We only have to turn on the news, or catch the newspaper headlines, to see the latest futile attempt by confused and bewildered politicians to deal with the on-going ‘financial crisis’. If it were not so serious, it would be almost farcical in its proportions of ineptitude and missing the point.

Venus brings the need for New Values

At winter solstice, Venus is making that point very clear – collectively, we need to find a totally new relationship with money, what it represents, and how it is managed on the world stage, and in our personal lives. Saturn is showing us, in no uncertain terms, the fruits of our old relationship with it – disastrous. Jupiter has yet to come up with a new vision that can work, because it is still trying to deal with the aftermath of the old ways. Venus is requiring some lateral thinking for us to completely shift where we place our values.

All the while, everyone, in their own way is struggling to negotiate their way around the still bloated and overfed elephant in the room, pretending not to see that it is the source of all the mess that we are up to our necks in!

It was the banks, the speculative markets, and the failure of the credit ratings agencies to anticipate the financial crash of 2008, together with the ‘blind eyes’ turned to all of this by governments, which got us into this mess. Now, each decision being made by governments, as attempts to get us out of this mess, is immediately reacted to (mostly negatively) by the banks, the financial markets and credit ratings agencies. It is as though we have been collectively ‘mugged’ by three thugs, but are continuing to negotiate with them how much more we are prepared to give them control of our lives, in the hope that they will eventually stop mugging us!

On the one hand, Europe descends down a path that is eroding more and more of the democratic autonomy of each country, placing unelected ‘technocrats’ in charge to deal with those failing economies - Greece and Italy so far, but watch this space. For ‘technocrats’ read “financial experts who have been appointed to dance the dance of the ‘three thugs’”, with rapidly-diminishing regard for the democratic process. So now, the Greeks and Italians can heave a collective sigh of relief, knowing that they have someone in charge, who knows how to play the game – phew! And as for democracy - well, why should the Greeks be bothered about that, it’s not as if they invented it or anything…oh wait a minute!

On the other hand in the UK, David Cameron, in a magnificently futile assertion of being thoroughly (upper-middle class) British has succeeded in shooting himself, his deputy, and the country in the foot, splitting us off from Europe and splitting his own government, all in the name of…protecting the ‘three thugs’ that run the City of London.

Meanwhile, the credit ratings agencies are calling the shots, downgrading the status of countries and banks that they deem to be unstable – these are the same credit ratings agencies that failed to see that the banks were making increasingly outrageous decisions about levels of lending in the lead-up to 2008 - decisions that even a 10-year old would have regarded as madness. So the very agencies that failed to stop us from falling into this mess still have a powerful influence over whether we will ever get out of it. It’s a bit like allowing the doctor who damaged you during surgery being the one who is called upon to repair the damage, whilst reassuring us that he now knows how to do it now. It cannot have escaped everyone’s notice that the most influential of these agencies is called ‘Standard and Poor’ – perhaps their mission statement for what they hope to achieve for us all?

So, what can be done about this mess, and the layers of danger, lurking within it? A radical shift of values and what we value – that is the message of Venus this Winter Solstice.

The Sabian symbol for the position of Venus, at 2° Aquarius, is “An unexpected thunderstorm” – something is going to have to give, in order to release the tension. Meanwhile, the Sabian symbol for Saturn is “A man in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels come to his help” – this speaks for itself, the man in deep gloom being the world situation, and the self-perpetuating belief around lack, which is being fed daily by governments, financial institutions and the media. But, unnoticed, angels are coming to his help – we are not seeing what is happening at other levels, and the opportunities that the current ‘crisis’ is bringing. If we can turn our attention away from the belief in lack, we might remember to appreciate the sheer abundance of Life, which  continues to flourish all around us in the natural world, and in the world of the spirit.

The Sabian symbol for Jupiter is “A clear mountain stream”, which is what Jupiter can bring, once it turns direct on Christmas Day. When the thunderstorm breaks, this will provide the water to fill the clear mountain stream.

A Cradle of Abundance

Suspended beneath the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn is a ‘Cradle’ pattern, formed by the Sun on one side and a conjunction between Neptune, Vesta and Chiron, on the other. Something new is gestating out of the chaos and confusion around us, ready to emerge, when the light of the Sun returns after the Solstice. It will be born from the healing qualities (Chiron) of Unconditional Love (Neptune) as we allow it to flow freely into our hearts (Vesta). These qualities of Vesta will begin to awaken and become more fully conscious in the human heart,  just as the NASA probe ‘Dawn’ is arriving close enough to asteroid Vesta, to send back some very interesting data. It is showing that this small world that was believed to be a mere rocky asteroid, is actually like a mini-planet, with and iron core and hills and mountains and valleys, and was once covered in volcanoes and lava flows.

This is interesting when we consider that Vesta is the goddess of the hearth and the inner fire of the heart. She is also the goddess who connects us to the inner creative fire of the Earth – like the Hawaiian Pele. How apt then, that planetoid Vesta was once flowing with volcanic fire, and trying to accumulate enough material from the other asteroids to become a fully fledged planet. It was only the huge gravitational field of Jupiter, which prevented this from happening.

So, this Winter Solstice, the most important thing we can do, is to withdraw from all the chaos that is going on in the dysfunctional aspects of the world, and re-connect with the warmth, inspiration and life-giving creative fire of our hearts, so that we can heal ourselves in order to birth something new, loving and wonderful to help carry us through the deep transition that awaits us in 2012.

A Note about Time

Many of you may have been feeling that time is doing weird things, and that it cannot possibly be Christmas already. This is another manifestation of Saturn in opposition to retrograde Jupiter. Jupiter should be enabling us to feel that we are moving forward; Saturn is the great Timekeeper. Retrograde Jupiter is distorting our perception of Time. The good news is that it turns direct on Christmas Day, so on Christmas Day we should all finally feel that Christmas has arrived - just in time!

Thursday, 10 November 2011



I am often somewhat sceptical about the ‘spiritual’ significance that is attached to these Gregorian calendar dates, which of themselves do not necessarily have any particularly cosmic significance, in terms of astrological alignments.

Many say that these are powerful ‘spiritual portals’, for no other reason than the number of the day and date, which is, after all a human contrivance, based on a not particularly accurate way of measuring the solar year, whilst ignoring the 13-month lunar year completely.

It is true that if enough people attach significance to a particular date, and convene meditations, prayers and ceremonies around the world, then that day will inevitably take on a spiritual significance and power, irrespective of whether any ‘cosmic’ alignments are occurring.

The Astrology of 11.11.11
 Chart for 11:11am Universal Time (UT/GMT), 11th November 2011
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At first glance, the astrology chart for 11:11am Universal Time (GMT) on 11th November 2011 does not stand out as being majorly significant. That is until one considers the positions of some of the planets in relation to some of the stars, in particular three of the so-called ‘Royal Stars of Persia’ - Regulus (Reg) in the constellation of Leo, Antares (Ant) in the constellation of Scorpio and Fomalhaut (Fom) in the constellation of Piscis Australis (the Southern Fish).

Since ancient times, these three stars along with Aldebaran (Ald) in Taurus were regarded as the four Gate-keepers of the Zodiac constellations, or Guardians of the Heavens. It has been variously said that these stars represent major tests, pitfalls, trials or initiations that must be passed through on the spiritual path 1; that they represent the four Archangels, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 .

On 11th November, Mars is conjunct Regulus, in the constellation of Leo; Mercury and Venus, both at 11ยบ Sagittarius (in the Tropical zodiac), are conjunct Antares, in the constellation of Scorpio (in the Sidereal zodiac); (The Earth’s precessional ‘wobble’ on its axis causes these two zodiacs, Tropical and Sidereal, to slowly slip or shift in relation to one another.) Also, Chiron is conjunct Fomalhaut in the constellation of Piscis Australis (Pisces in the Tropical Zodiac).

So we have the personal planets that are concerned with the will (Mars), the emotions (Venus) and the mind (Mercury) in alignment with two of the four Gate-keeper stars of the Zodiac constellations. The Chiron, concerned with deep healing in alignment with the third Gate-keeper.

Mars conjunct Regulus

Regulus is the heart of the Lion, which was regarded as the leader of the Four Royal Stars of Persia 3. It is associated with kingly qualities and is concerned with success, power, and healing, which comes only after an inner confrontation with the darker or more destructive aspects of the self. Regulus’ connection with Mars on 11th November suggests the need for courage and integrity to confront whatever stands on the way of expressing our most kingly, or queenly qualities – in other words expressing qualities that represent the truth, integrity and innate dignity of our innermost being.

Bernadette Brady1 says that the real nemesis for Regulus is to avoid the desire for revenge. This is particularly pertinent in the current time, as we witness more and more of those who have abused their power being challenged and brought to account, and removed from their positions of influence. Whilst there may be a certain satisfaction in this, the challenge for each of us is to maintain our focus on the truth of our own inner being, and to act upon that with integrity, clarity and unconditional love. We can take comfort from the fact that this alignment of Mars and Regulus will ensure that true justice continues to prevail, so long as we each remain true to our own highest principles of truth and integrity, and can find forgiveness in our hearts for our own failings and the failings of others.

Mercury and Venus conjunct Antares

The red giant, Antares is the brightest star in Scorpio, and is considered to be the heart of the Scorpion. Scorpio takes us to deepest parts of our being to confront the hidden motivations that may lurk in the depths of our hearts. The presence of Mercury and Venus, in conjunction with Antares brings clarity of mind and emotions, with the ability to penetrate to the inner meaning of events in our lives, and to use those experiences for personal transformation.

The key here is not to become caught up in the drama for its own sake, nor to focus solely on the negative. Mercury and Venus can identify what needs to change at the deepest level our being, so that Mars can act on that with integrity and clarity of purpose. Mercury and Venus are quite closely conjunct the Moon’s North Node, amplifying the need to focus on the positive outcomes for the future, rather than the negativities of the past; if we focus on the past, then we will just perpetuate those negativities. If we focus on the future, we will see new ways of addressing the problems of the past.

Mercury and Venus with Antares means that it is important for us all to grasp that the whole planet is going through a process of deep spiritual cleansing, dissolution, death and eventual re-birth on 21st December 2012. Whilst we are in the midst of this, it can become increasingly difficult to perceive that we are moving through a process that will have positive outcomes; we can become so caught in the negativity, chaos and confusion all around us that we cannot see or imagine anything else.

The gift of Mars and Regulus is to keep us focussed on the positive qualities in our own hearts and wills, whilst allowing the essential cleansing and purification of Antares and Scorpio to act upon and transform our minds and emotions.

Chiron conjunct Fomalhaut

Finally, Chiron the Magician, Shaman and Healer is conjunct Fomalhaut, traditionally associated with those who are out of step with society, and who challenge the beliefs, ideals and institutions of mainstream awareness.

This is a powerful combination, which reflects the changes being sought by people protesting around the world’s major cities in order to bring about a healing towards a more just, fair, balanced and loving society. It is reflected in the changes that have been occurring since the ‘Arab Spring’, and around the world, wherever ordinary people have been speaking out and standing up against corruption, tyranny or untruth.

The key with Fomalhaut is to speak the truth of one’s heart, and to maintain the clarity and purity of one’s vision, so as not to become distracted or thrown off course by vested interests, or outside influences. The dark side of Fomalhaut manifests through those who speak ‘with the tongues of angels, yet are as empty vessels or sounding brass’2 – a quote from St. Paul, referring to those who say what they think others want to hear, rather than what they truly believe in their hearts. It is interesting that, in the UK, so much of this issue has become focussed around the protesters outside St. Paul’s cathedral, and the unfolding arguments about the integrity or otherwise of all the various factions - protesters, media, church and state.

The combination of Chiron with Fomalhaut challenges each one of us to examine to what extent we are expressing the inner truth of our own being with, and to allow the healing of those parts of us which have not yet come fully into alignment with our true spiritual will.

1 Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, by Bernadette Brady
2 The Living Stars, by Dr Eric Morse
3 Star Names, by Richard Hinckley Allen

Friday, 21 October 2011

Talk at Mind Body Spirit Festival, London

Royal Horticultural Halls
Greycoat Street, Victoria, London SW1

The Astrology of 2012 and How It Affects You
Illustrated Talk, Meditation & Book Signing
by Marcus Mason
13th November, 2011 11:00 - 13:00

To book, click here
Ancient prophecies tell us that a major Galactic Cycle reaches completion in 2012. Marcus will give an illustrated talk, with simple-to-understand explanations about the unique sequence of planetary alignments leading up to December 21st 2012, and what this means for us individually and collectively. A powerful Meditation will help us align with these changes.

How to get there:

The nearest tube stations are:
Victoria (Victoria, Circle & District lines), St James’s Park (Circle & District lines) - both are 10 minute walk
Pimlico (Victoria line), Westminster (Circle, District & Jubilee lines)

By Train: Victoria main line station

By Bus: The following buses operate along Victoria Street -
11, 24, 148, 211
Alight near Greycoat Place.

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Astrology 2012 - OUT NOW! + Latest Astrology Update + Early-bird deadline extended for Awakening weekend

 Scroll further down the page for:
Astrology Update - What's been happening on the streets of England?
The significance of two Grand Crosses and the Riots

Information re Awakening to 2012 Weekend
in Stithians, Cornwall, 28th - 30th October 2011

The Astrology of 2012 And How It Affects You 

Marcus’ New Book is now available 
from bookshops and on-line from

The Astrology of 2012 - back cover publicity:

“With ever-increasing reports of catastrophic natural disasters
and political upheaval taking place all over the world,
and daily evidence that many of our traditional social and economic
systems are no longer working, it’s no wonder that we hear ourselves asking:
What’s going on?
This book aims to provide some real answers to this question –
and to explain how all of this applies to you, based on your personal sun sign.
December 21st 2012 marks the end of a 25,626-year Time Cycle,
caused by the Earth gradually changing her orientation in space.
As we move towards the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next,
Approaching astrology from the perspective of the soul’s evolution can
help us understand the inner, spiritual purpose behind the events and
experiences of our lives. By exploring the sequence of astrological
changes as they unfold, this book shows you that we are all being
offered the exciting opportunity to:
change our perceptions, by uniting the intelligence of the mind
with that of the heart
understand how we can truly connect with each other and
live in harmony
remember how to honour our Mother Earth
create and new and in infinitely more
positive vision for our future.”


What's been happening on the streets of England?
Astrological Reflections at the Lammas Full Moon

At Full Moon, a group of 4 people met for a meditation at the white quartz stone circle at Duloe, in Cornwall. It quickly became apparent that it was no coincidence that there were just 4 of us, forming a perfect square, or cross, as we contemplated the recent riots in the UK, and the astrological patterns that triggered them. Here are some of the insights from our meditation at Duloe.

Duloe Stone Circle, Cornwall, England 
Photo - © Marcus Mason 2011
(Click on picture to enlarge)

The Riots and the August Grand Crosses

The growing tension that erupted onto the streets of major cities in England has been coming to a head since mid-May, when Uranus and Pluto formed a ‘square’ 90° aspect. This pattern persists until May 2015, so it is important to collectively apply our intelligence and understand what it means, and how to approach it in positive, creative and constructive ways.

In a nutshell, Uranus in Aries wants the freedom to express itself, whilst Pluto in Capricorn wants to maintain the power of the status quo. We have been seeing this dynamic played out in different countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East, with differing results. This process was triggered at the end of three alignments between Uranus and Jupiter last year; together they created the catalyst to propel us forward, towards a new vision for our future. Now, the square between Uranus and Pluto is dragging up to the surface years of underlying tensions, inequalities and frustrations. For many, this was felt just as raw resentment and anger, without any true understanding or even the ability to articulate clearly why they are feeling that way.

The underlying purpose of this on-going tension is to teach us how to allow for the expression of individual freedoms, in ways that change the structures that have become corrupt, or are no longer working for the benefit of the whole. On the one hand this has resulted in relatively non-violent revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; on the other hand, it has resulted in the violent stand-offs occurring in Libya and Syria. That is part of the unpredictability of Uranus – when you light the touch-paper, you can never be sure of what will follow.

The motivating force of the Jupiter-Uranus alignment of last year brought a sense of idealism for positive change to the ‘Arab Spring’. The Uranus-Pluto square has manifested in England in much more visceral ways, tapping into the darker aspects of the human will, which becomes distorted and violent when not able to express the true power and beauty of its creative inner light. Pluto represents the true light of our being - our will to Be, pure and simple. If that pure creative power is not acknowledged by ourselves or others, or given a chance to grow and flourish, then it inevitably turns in on itself, and ultimately becomes self-destructive.

Uranus connects us to our innate sense of inner knowing, and wisdom. It connects us to the intelligence of the intuitive spiritual mind. If the education of our physical, rational mind has been inadequate to teach us how to think logically and clearly, or to recognise right from wrong, then there is little hope of the intuitive mind being able to apply its wisdom to solving the problems of our day-to-day lives. Worse still, if our education or culture has espoused values and ideals, which are hypocritical or go against our intuitive sense of what is right, then this stores up a massive inner confusion and deep mental chaos. Moreover, if our politicians, media, business and banking leaders have clearly shown that even they lack a true sense of inner integrity, or are motivated by opportunism and greed, then they should not be too surprised when that erupts into violent, ugly and criminal expressions onto our streets. We are a nation that just witnessed what the repressed shadow of the collective unconscious looks like when it erupt into ‘normal’ consciousness.

The trigger for this was the Grand Cross that formed (from 2nd – 15th August) as Mars moved into opposition to Pluto, and Juno moved into opposition to Uranus and Ceres. 

The Grand Cross - August 4th 22.30, UK
(click on chart to enlarge)

Mars was the trigger for the wild and undisciplined energy of youth to challenge the power of the status quo (Pluto) in highly explosive and destructive ways. Polarised with this was the opposition from Juno to Uranus and Ceres. Juno always attempts to bring situations back into Right Relationship. In opposition to Uranus (Heaven) and Ceres (Earth), Juno was first making us aware of just how far wrong collective relationships have gone, both in relation to any meaningful spiritual values, and in relation to any real respect for the Earth and our immediate environment. Juno carries the karmic patterns that we have inherited from our past, and the generations that have gone before us. Juno was revealing a deep rooted problem, whose roots extend back to previous generations. As always, Uranus requires us to employ a degree of objectivity and insight in order to see and address the real roots of the ‘problem’. Meanwhile, Mars opposing Pluto was manifesting the results of generations of lack of self-discipline and respect for authority; not the ‘authority’ of those ‘out there’ who are perceived to have power over us, such as the police and politicians, but the sense of true inner authority that can only come from genuine feelings of self-respect and personal empowerment.

A Second Grand Cross

The Grand Cross was further intensified when, a second Grand Cross formed on 5th - 6th August, with the Moon (in Scorpio) in opposition to Jupiter (in Taurus) and Sun conjunct Venus (in Leo) in opposition to Vesta (in Aquarius). 
Two Grand Crosses - August 6th, 01.30, UK 
(Click on chart to enlarge)

On the one hand, the Scorpio Moon opposing Jupiter brought a violent intensity of feeling that overrode normal social codes of behaviour, prompting the looters to simply go out and get what they wanted. On the other hand the Sun - Venus conjunction opposing Vesta brought the ability for others to reflect on what could have possibly gone so wrong in our society and fundamental relationships, for such a thing to happen. Vesta in Aquarius can look at things from the calm, detached perspective of a compassionate heart and penetrate, with uncompromising clarity, into the deeper meaning and significance of situations.

This second Grand Cross challenged us all to acknowledge the underlying causes behind this deep wounding of the human heart. Many of the looters, when interviewed on TV, could not articulate why they felt so angry; what was clear was that they felt extremely angry and frustrated at the lack of opportunities to encourage a more positive approach to life. The gift of Vesta’s inner, detached clarity is that she neither seeks to excuse, not to blame such anti-social behaviour, but rather to use her gently penetrating insight to get to the heart of the matter to find out what has gone so wrong. This is not an easy question, and it has no simple answers. It may take much of the next four years of the Uranus – Pluto square to really understanding how it can be changed for the better. What is important is that Vesta continues to ask the right questions from the place of a loving, compassionate and open heart, and a willingness to honestly acknowledge how we may all have contributed to this ‘sickness’ in our society. The minute that we condemn, judge or seek revenge, then we merely compound the problem and further the ‘sickness’.

What emerges for Mars is that when the ego-will lacks any sense of purpose and value, it inevitably runs wild with frustration, anger and undirected energy; more so, when confronted with the perceived external ‘authority’ of Pluto. Pluto’s true purpose is to discover the deepest will of our innermost being; Mars’ purpose is to act on that and manifest it creatively in the world. Ideally, theirs is a relationship of mutual co-operation between the will of the spirit and the will of the ego, so that the ego-will can manifest our inner purpose into the world. Even when we are not conscious of our inner purpose, at some level we know it and are acutely aware when we are not able, or lack the opportunities to live it.

The ego-will of Mars is there to enable us to express the truth in our hearts and our inner being; if we are not in touch with that, or if our perceptions of the world are entirely negative, then Mars will act accordingly, without focus, purpose or awareness. When Mars can be helped to get in touch with the true power of the heart, then its energy can be used to create positive change out of situations that may have previously seemed impossible or beyond hope.

August Grand Trine

From 24th August to 4th September a Grand Trine forms between Jupiter in Taurus, Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This pattern brings the possibility for a new vision of how to confront the darker aspects of the collective psyche, which we have all witnessed; then, to look in detail at what needs to be healed within society, and to discern, at a subtle feeling level, what has gone wrong within our wider relationships and collective sense of belonging. As we begin to understand this, then we can help to create a new atmosphere of a collective sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, and the empowerment that can bring to all. Pluto remains at the apex of a T-square with Ceres - Uranus in opposition to Juno - Saturn; Pluto’s power struggle is about choosing not to perpetuate old, repeating patterns of karmic attachment to the past, but rather to let go and allow new ways of being to guide us towards the light. There are still unknown risks involved in this, but believing that we will be ‘safe’, if we simply try to maintain or just re-build the status quo, brings even greater long-term risks.   

Scroll down further for details about

Awakening to 2012 - October weekend in Cornwall

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Awakening to 2012 - weekend in October

Awakening to 2012 ~
Dreaming the New World

Early-bird discount booking deadline extended until 31st August
(For details, scroll down for Booking Form)

A long weekend of

Teaching, Meditation, Ceremony,
Personal and Planetary Healing,
working together in the Medicine Way


Marcus Mason, Sue Weaver, Lu Wray
and friends

Stithians Centre, near Redruth, Cornwall

Friday 28th (evening),
Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th October 2011

The Intention

This long weekend will provide an opportunity to gather with like-minded people, working in a Sacred Circle for:
* Awakening
* Healing
* Dreaming
* Visioning
* Ceremony
Working together as a clan or tribe, we will create a growing experience throughout the weekend, culminating in a powerful Earth Healing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

The Journey

Each day, we will focus on coming into alignment with a different aspect of our spiritual relationship with Life and the Universe.
On Friday evening, we will consider the Astrology of our changing relationship with our Solar System and the Galaxy;
On Saturday we will look at how to move with current and future changes, journeying through our personal energy centres, to bring balance and integration into our lives and all our relationships;
On Sunday, we will use our understanding of the above to honour our sacred relationship with Mother Earth through ceremony.

Shared Food

On Saturday and Sunday, the clan will serve and share simple vegetarian food that has been lovingly prepared; there will be a focus of gratitude to Mother Earth for all that she provides. Please let us know if you have food allergies or intolerances.


There will be a small number of carefully chosen stalls for you to visit during the breaks.  All stallholders will be participants in the shared journey. If you would like to have a stall, please email telling us what you would like to sell or promote.

5.00 pm               
Opening - stalls and teas.
Time to meet with old friends and to make new ones.
6.00 pm               
Opening Circle
Starting the Journey
‘Awakening to 2012’ - a talk and presentation, giving the big picture of what is happening to prepare the way for the weekend’s work.

10.00 pm

 9.00 am
Open for stalls, teas & socialising
10.00 am
Greet the Day
A personal Journey through the Chakras, working with their planetary resonances using meditation, visualisation, ceremony, experiential exercises, movement and drumming.

 1.00 pm
Lunch, stalls, relaxation time

3 .00 pm
Continuing the Journey through the Chakras

5.00 pm 
Stalls, supper, relaxation
7.00  pm
Completing the Journey through the Chakras, including a powerful Sound Healing Ceremony with Sheila Cornfield, Catherine Gaze, Paddy Baillie & Vanessa Vine.

10.00 pm Close

 9.00 am
Open for stalls, teas & socialising
Greet the Day
Working with Earth Energies - talk and presentation Preparation for afternoon Ceremony

11.30 am
Last opportunity to shop

12.00 pm
Early lunch

1.30 pm
Earth Healing Ceremony on nearby Carn Brea

3.30 pm
Closing Circle

6.00 pm
Completion and departure

Booking Form
(Click to enlarge and print)


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Paradigm Shift Road Show

Marcus will be giving a 
Talk, Presentation and Guided Planetary Meditation
three times during the day at the

Paradigm Shift Road Show
Sunday 9th October 2011 - Guildford, Surrey

The Astrology of 2012
And How It Affects You

Marcus will apply his 30 years’ astrological knowledge and experience
to explore the unprecedented sequence of planetary alignments 
leading up to December 21st 2012, 
and what this means for us individually and collectively.

The talk will be followed by a powerful Guided Planetary Meditation 
to help you to align with these changes, 
so that you may negotiate them more easily, 
as we approach December 2012.

Each Presentation will be followed Book Signings

Click on the picture below to link to the 
Paradigm Shift Road Show website / bookings, etc 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Latest Update

The Legacy of Jupiter – Uranus

Three conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus, in 2010 and January 2011 have been accelerating shifts in consciousness, which we have seen being played out in the political upheavals of North Africa and the Middle East. The on-going Jupiter-Uranus impulse for radical change is challenging us all to break free from restricting attitudes, behaviour patterns and circumstances, and to bring our thoughts, feelings and actions into full alignment with our most positive, heart-centred vision for the future.

From February to May this year, as Jupiter forged ahead of Uranus into Aries, it began the process of carrying our vision into action.

Jupiter enters Taurus

On 4th June, Jupiter entered Taurus, signalling that it is time to begin consolidating our vision. This positive, forward trend will continue until the 30th August, when Jupiter will go retrograde until December. So the period from June to September is the perfect time for optimism, and consolidation, in order to generate the right circumstances for creating abundance in 2012, and beyond.

From September to December, Jupiter will go back over all the ground we have covered, ensuring that the external structures we create are a true manifestation of an inner change, and not just attempts to make things look different on the surface, so that it appears that we are changing (politicians take note!). The retrograde phase is only likely to be difficult, if we resist making inner changes. These include how we structure our lives, our attachments to physical things, our attitudes towards abundance, and how well we make use of our practical creativity.

As always, the key with Jupiter is about giving; are we giving ourselves, our talents and creativity wholly to life, or are we trying to hold on and accumulate wealth, position, power, etc solely for ourselves? Wherever we are hanging on in this way, when the retrograde phase comes it will make things very difficult for us. The more we can learn to give freely, whilst Jupiter is direct from June to September, the more we will effortlessly reap the rewards later.

Uranus squares Pluto (May 2011 – May 2015)

2011 is the time for putting structures into place that can enable us to live the vision that was incubated during 2010. This re-structuring is intensely focussed by the square (90°) aspect between Uranus and Pluto, which began in mid-May and will last until May 2015! We were alerted to their approaching alignment by the Japan earthquake, tsunami and the ensuing nuclear disaster at Fukushima. At the physical level, this alignment challenges us about the right use of technology and power; at Fukushima, it directly concerned the technology of Uranium and Plutonium, which (albeit briefly) prompted a wider debate about the wisdom of using nuclear power. At the mental and spiritual levels, this alignment challenges us how to apply real wisdom to the creation of power structures in all areas of our lives.

On 12th March, Uranus moved into Aries, where it will remain until 6th March 2019. Uranus in Aries wants to forge ahead with new ideas, new technologies, new systems of government, and new approaches to spiritual awareness and understanding our place in the Cosmos. Pluto in Capricorn is more cautious and methodical, taking the long-term view; it knows that whatever is changed now, must be able to endure and support us well into the future. This is a difficult balance, as Uranus brings a sense of urgency. The drawback with Pluto in Capricorn is that if we remain attached to old methods and structures, then we simply perpetuate the power, which that gives to those who profit from those old structures.

The next four years, when Uranus squares Pluto, will see an increasing tension between these powerful, archetypal forces. They are challenging us to forge a balance between our eagerness for positive, innovative change, and the need to use wisdom and experience to create long-term solutions for sustainable ways of being. The stumbling blocks to both viewpoints depend upon how well we use our power. Do we use it in ways that further the distribution of power to more and more people (the Uranus way), or in ways that seek to maintain the power and control of the few over the many (the Pluto way)?

In all areas of life, Uranus is breaking down old patterns of control; underlying this, are the entrenched attitudes of the ego, trying to control the unpredictability and spontaneity of Spirit.

Pluto has the potential to connect us with our Pure Light of Being, the power of the spiritual will that carries within it our true purpose. However, most people use the ego to control or suppress our spiritual power from manifesting its full light and potential. The most positive quality of Uranus square Pluto is that it challenges us to break down these self-created patterns of control that prevent us from expressing the full creative potential of our spirit. At all levels, Uranus is awakening us to realise that potential; we have the clear choice to embrace it, or to continue to give our power away, by refusing to take full responsibility for expressing it.

There are lifetimes of patterns to break through, with layer upon layer needing to be stripped away. Over the next four years, there will be many opportunities to release and heal these layers; it is essential to see the challenges that Uranus-Pluto brings as opportunities to embrace positive change, and reclaim control over our lives, rather than feeling that we are buffeted by forces beyond our control.

Summer Solstice
Chart for Summer Solstice
21 June 2011 at 17:18 UT/GMT
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At Summer Solstice (21st June), the Sun squares (90°) Uranus and opposes Pluto, creating a ‘T-square’ triangle. This brings a further challenge to let go of the places where our ego is holding on and preventing us from realising our vision. We will be aided in this by a Grand Trine in Air signs, from 16th - 23rd June, between Venus (in Gemini), Saturn (in Libra) and Pallas Athene (in Aquarius). This Grand Trine shows that when we make clear decisions and choices and set clear boundaries in our relationships, this will bring us and abundance of mental energy that can help us to produce great rewards for the future.

Comet Elenin

The intensity of the time is being amplified by the arrival of comet Elenin (C/2010 X1), discovered on December 10th 2010 by Russian astronomer, Leonid Elenin. It is thought that it last visited the solar system about 11,700 years ago, half-way through the Age of Leo, around 9,690 BCE.

When it was discovered in 2010, it was between the constellations of Leo and Virgo; in alignment with the times, it brings the need for spiritual discernment (Virgo) about how we express our creative power (Leo).

Elenin makes its closest approach to the Sun (perihelion) on 10 September, about 45 million miles from Earth. Then on 16 October, it crosses the path of Earth’s orbit, about 22 million miles ahead of us – roughly the same distance from Venus to Earth. There is no possibility of it being on a ‘collision course with Earth’ as some are claiming. Neither does it come close to qualifying as the giant, mythical planet ‘Nibiru’, as Elenin’s nucleus is believed to be no more than 10km in diameter.

The arrival of any comet heralds significant shifts in consciousness. There has been much speculation on the internet that Elenin was somehow ‘responsible’ for the earthquake in New Zealand on 4th September 2010, when it aligned with the Sun, Mercury and Earth; however, it was not aligned in any such way for the much more powerful NZ earthquake on 21st February 2011. It was, however, approaching alignment with the Earth and Sun on 11th March, the day of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Then, the Earth was between Elenin and the Sun; for the much weaker NZ earthquake in September 2010, the Earth was on the other side of the Sun from Elenin, so something significant may be occurring.

On 21st May, when Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano began erupting, Elenin was aligned with the Sun and Venus; there were no such alignments coinciding with the eruption of Chile’s Puyehue volcano on 4th June.

The official line from NASA and others is that the gravitational effects of such a small body could not have any discernable influence on the Earth’s tectonic plates. Indeed, it seems far more likely that two vast solar flares, directed towards the Earth on February 15th and March 9th, may have triggered the Japan earthquake, although this is speculation.

Whatever the scientific facts about the physical effects of Elenin on the Sun and Earth, it is clear that this tiny body is bringing significant changes. Since there are no written records to tell us what happened last time it visited, we will have to wait and see what unfolds.

If you want to follow the progress of Elenin through the solar system, you can go to NASA’s animated orbit diagram applet - 
be patient, as it can take a while to load: