Thursday, 10 November 2011



I am often somewhat sceptical about the ‘spiritual’ significance that is attached to these Gregorian calendar dates, which of themselves do not necessarily have any particularly cosmic significance, in terms of astrological alignments.

Many say that these are powerful ‘spiritual portals’, for no other reason than the number of the day and date, which is, after all a human contrivance, based on a not particularly accurate way of measuring the solar year, whilst ignoring the 13-month lunar year completely.

It is true that if enough people attach significance to a particular date, and convene meditations, prayers and ceremonies around the world, then that day will inevitably take on a spiritual significance and power, irrespective of whether any ‘cosmic’ alignments are occurring.

The Astrology of 11.11.11
 Chart for 11:11am Universal Time (UT/GMT), 11th November 2011
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At first glance, the astrology chart for 11:11am Universal Time (GMT) on 11th November 2011 does not stand out as being majorly significant. That is until one considers the positions of some of the planets in relation to some of the stars, in particular three of the so-called ‘Royal Stars of Persia’ - Regulus (Reg) in the constellation of Leo, Antares (Ant) in the constellation of Scorpio and Fomalhaut (Fom) in the constellation of Piscis Australis (the Southern Fish).

Since ancient times, these three stars along with Aldebaran (Ald) in Taurus were regarded as the four Gate-keepers of the Zodiac constellations, or Guardians of the Heavens. It has been variously said that these stars represent major tests, pitfalls, trials or initiations that must be passed through on the spiritual path 1; that they represent the four Archangels, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 .

On 11th November, Mars is conjunct Regulus, in the constellation of Leo; Mercury and Venus, both at 11º Sagittarius (in the Tropical zodiac), are conjunct Antares, in the constellation of Scorpio (in the Sidereal zodiac); (The Earth’s precessional ‘wobble’ on its axis causes these two zodiacs, Tropical and Sidereal, to slowly slip or shift in relation to one another.) Also, Chiron is conjunct Fomalhaut in the constellation of Piscis Australis (Pisces in the Tropical Zodiac).

So we have the personal planets that are concerned with the will (Mars), the emotions (Venus) and the mind (Mercury) in alignment with two of the four Gate-keeper stars of the Zodiac constellations. The Chiron, concerned with deep healing in alignment with the third Gate-keeper.

Mars conjunct Regulus

Regulus is the heart of the Lion, which was regarded as the leader of the Four Royal Stars of Persia 3. It is associated with kingly qualities and is concerned with success, power, and healing, which comes only after an inner confrontation with the darker or more destructive aspects of the self. Regulus’ connection with Mars on 11th November suggests the need for courage and integrity to confront whatever stands on the way of expressing our most kingly, or queenly qualities – in other words expressing qualities that represent the truth, integrity and innate dignity of our innermost being.

Bernadette Brady1 says that the real nemesis for Regulus is to avoid the desire for revenge. This is particularly pertinent in the current time, as we witness more and more of those who have abused their power being challenged and brought to account, and removed from their positions of influence. Whilst there may be a certain satisfaction in this, the challenge for each of us is to maintain our focus on the truth of our own inner being, and to act upon that with integrity, clarity and unconditional love. We can take comfort from the fact that this alignment of Mars and Regulus will ensure that true justice continues to prevail, so long as we each remain true to our own highest principles of truth and integrity, and can find forgiveness in our hearts for our own failings and the failings of others.

Mercury and Venus conjunct Antares

The red giant, Antares is the brightest star in Scorpio, and is considered to be the heart of the Scorpion. Scorpio takes us to deepest parts of our being to confront the hidden motivations that may lurk in the depths of our hearts. The presence of Mercury and Venus, in conjunction with Antares brings clarity of mind and emotions, with the ability to penetrate to the inner meaning of events in our lives, and to use those experiences for personal transformation.

The key here is not to become caught up in the drama for its own sake, nor to focus solely on the negative. Mercury and Venus can identify what needs to change at the deepest level our being, so that Mars can act on that with integrity and clarity of purpose. Mercury and Venus are quite closely conjunct the Moon’s North Node, amplifying the need to focus on the positive outcomes for the future, rather than the negativities of the past; if we focus on the past, then we will just perpetuate those negativities. If we focus on the future, we will see new ways of addressing the problems of the past.

Mercury and Venus with Antares means that it is important for us all to grasp that the whole planet is going through a process of deep spiritual cleansing, dissolution, death and eventual re-birth on 21st December 2012. Whilst we are in the midst of this, it can become increasingly difficult to perceive that we are moving through a process that will have positive outcomes; we can become so caught in the negativity, chaos and confusion all around us that we cannot see or imagine anything else.

The gift of Mars and Regulus is to keep us focussed on the positive qualities in our own hearts and wills, whilst allowing the essential cleansing and purification of Antares and Scorpio to act upon and transform our minds and emotions.

Chiron conjunct Fomalhaut

Finally, Chiron the Magician, Shaman and Healer is conjunct Fomalhaut, traditionally associated with those who are out of step with society, and who challenge the beliefs, ideals and institutions of mainstream awareness.

This is a powerful combination, which reflects the changes being sought by people protesting around the world’s major cities in order to bring about a healing towards a more just, fair, balanced and loving society. It is reflected in the changes that have been occurring since the ‘Arab Spring’, and around the world, wherever ordinary people have been speaking out and standing up against corruption, tyranny or untruth.

The key with Fomalhaut is to speak the truth of one’s heart, and to maintain the clarity and purity of one’s vision, so as not to become distracted or thrown off course by vested interests, or outside influences. The dark side of Fomalhaut manifests through those who speak ‘with the tongues of angels, yet are as empty vessels or sounding brass’2 – a quote from St. Paul, referring to those who say what they think others want to hear, rather than what they truly believe in their hearts. It is interesting that, in the UK, so much of this issue has become focussed around the protesters outside St. Paul’s cathedral, and the unfolding arguments about the integrity or otherwise of all the various factions - protesters, media, church and state.

The combination of Chiron with Fomalhaut challenges each one of us to examine to what extent we are expressing the inner truth of our own being with, and to allow the healing of those parts of us which have not yet come fully into alignment with our true spiritual will.

1 Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, by Bernadette Brady
2 The Living Stars, by Dr Eric Morse
3 Star Names, by Richard Hinckley Allen