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What's been happening on the streets of England?
Astrological Reflections at the Lammas Full Moon

At Full Moon, a group of 4 people met for a meditation at the white quartz stone circle at Duloe, in Cornwall. It quickly became apparent that it was no coincidence that there were just 4 of us, forming a perfect square, or cross, as we contemplated the recent riots in the UK, and the astrological patterns that triggered them. Here are some of the insights from our meditation at Duloe.

Duloe Stone Circle, Cornwall, England 
Photo - © Marcus Mason 2011
(Click on picture to enlarge)

The Riots and the August Grand Crosses

The growing tension that erupted onto the streets of major cities in England has been coming to a head since mid-May, when Uranus and Pluto formed a ‘square’ 90° aspect. This pattern persists until May 2015, so it is important to collectively apply our intelligence and understand what it means, and how to approach it in positive, creative and constructive ways.

In a nutshell, Uranus in Aries wants the freedom to express itself, whilst Pluto in Capricorn wants to maintain the power of the status quo. We have been seeing this dynamic played out in different countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East, with differing results. This process was triggered at the end of three alignments between Uranus and Jupiter last year; together they created the catalyst to propel us forward, towards a new vision for our future. Now, the square between Uranus and Pluto is dragging up to the surface years of underlying tensions, inequalities and frustrations. For many, this was felt just as raw resentment and anger, without any true understanding or even the ability to articulate clearly why they are feeling that way.

The underlying purpose of this on-going tension is to teach us how to allow for the expression of individual freedoms, in ways that change the structures that have become corrupt, or are no longer working for the benefit of the whole. On the one hand this has resulted in relatively non-violent revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; on the other hand, it has resulted in the violent stand-offs occurring in Libya and Syria. That is part of the unpredictability of Uranus – when you light the touch-paper, you can never be sure of what will follow.

The motivating force of the Jupiter-Uranus alignment of last year brought a sense of idealism for positive change to the ‘Arab Spring’. The Uranus-Pluto square has manifested in England in much more visceral ways, tapping into the darker aspects of the human will, which becomes distorted and violent when not able to express the true power and beauty of its creative inner light. Pluto represents the true light of our being - our will to Be, pure and simple. If that pure creative power is not acknowledged by ourselves or others, or given a chance to grow and flourish, then it inevitably turns in on itself, and ultimately becomes self-destructive.

Uranus connects us to our innate sense of inner knowing, and wisdom. It connects us to the intelligence of the intuitive spiritual mind. If the education of our physical, rational mind has been inadequate to teach us how to think logically and clearly, or to recognise right from wrong, then there is little hope of the intuitive mind being able to apply its wisdom to solving the problems of our day-to-day lives. Worse still, if our education or culture has espoused values and ideals, which are hypocritical or go against our intuitive sense of what is right, then this stores up a massive inner confusion and deep mental chaos. Moreover, if our politicians, media, business and banking leaders have clearly shown that even they lack a true sense of inner integrity, or are motivated by opportunism and greed, then they should not be too surprised when that erupts into violent, ugly and criminal expressions onto our streets. We are a nation that just witnessed what the repressed shadow of the collective unconscious looks like when it erupt into ‘normal’ consciousness.

The trigger for this was the Grand Cross that formed (from 2nd – 15th August) as Mars moved into opposition to Pluto, and Juno moved into opposition to Uranus and Ceres. 

The Grand Cross - August 4th 22.30, UK
(click on chart to enlarge)

Mars was the trigger for the wild and undisciplined energy of youth to challenge the power of the status quo (Pluto) in highly explosive and destructive ways. Polarised with this was the opposition from Juno to Uranus and Ceres. Juno always attempts to bring situations back into Right Relationship. In opposition to Uranus (Heaven) and Ceres (Earth), Juno was first making us aware of just how far wrong collective relationships have gone, both in relation to any meaningful spiritual values, and in relation to any real respect for the Earth and our immediate environment. Juno carries the karmic patterns that we have inherited from our past, and the generations that have gone before us. Juno was revealing a deep rooted problem, whose roots extend back to previous generations. As always, Uranus requires us to employ a degree of objectivity and insight in order to see and address the real roots of the ‘problem’. Meanwhile, Mars opposing Pluto was manifesting the results of generations of lack of self-discipline and respect for authority; not the ‘authority’ of those ‘out there’ who are perceived to have power over us, such as the police and politicians, but the sense of true inner authority that can only come from genuine feelings of self-respect and personal empowerment.

A Second Grand Cross

The Grand Cross was further intensified when, a second Grand Cross formed on 5th - 6th August, with the Moon (in Scorpio) in opposition to Jupiter (in Taurus) and Sun conjunct Venus (in Leo) in opposition to Vesta (in Aquarius). 
Two Grand Crosses - August 6th, 01.30, UK 
(Click on chart to enlarge)

On the one hand, the Scorpio Moon opposing Jupiter brought a violent intensity of feeling that overrode normal social codes of behaviour, prompting the looters to simply go out and get what they wanted. On the other hand the Sun - Venus conjunction opposing Vesta brought the ability for others to reflect on what could have possibly gone so wrong in our society and fundamental relationships, for such a thing to happen. Vesta in Aquarius can look at things from the calm, detached perspective of a compassionate heart and penetrate, with uncompromising clarity, into the deeper meaning and significance of situations.

This second Grand Cross challenged us all to acknowledge the underlying causes behind this deep wounding of the human heart. Many of the looters, when interviewed on TV, could not articulate why they felt so angry; what was clear was that they felt extremely angry and frustrated at the lack of opportunities to encourage a more positive approach to life. The gift of Vesta’s inner, detached clarity is that she neither seeks to excuse, not to blame such anti-social behaviour, but rather to use her gently penetrating insight to get to the heart of the matter to find out what has gone so wrong. This is not an easy question, and it has no simple answers. It may take much of the next four years of the Uranus – Pluto square to really understanding how it can be changed for the better. What is important is that Vesta continues to ask the right questions from the place of a loving, compassionate and open heart, and a willingness to honestly acknowledge how we may all have contributed to this ‘sickness’ in our society. The minute that we condemn, judge or seek revenge, then we merely compound the problem and further the ‘sickness’.

What emerges for Mars is that when the ego-will lacks any sense of purpose and value, it inevitably runs wild with frustration, anger and undirected energy; more so, when confronted with the perceived external ‘authority’ of Pluto. Pluto’s true purpose is to discover the deepest will of our innermost being; Mars’ purpose is to act on that and manifest it creatively in the world. Ideally, theirs is a relationship of mutual co-operation between the will of the spirit and the will of the ego, so that the ego-will can manifest our inner purpose into the world. Even when we are not conscious of our inner purpose, at some level we know it and are acutely aware when we are not able, or lack the opportunities to live it.

The ego-will of Mars is there to enable us to express the truth in our hearts and our inner being; if we are not in touch with that, or if our perceptions of the world are entirely negative, then Mars will act accordingly, without focus, purpose or awareness. When Mars can be helped to get in touch with the true power of the heart, then its energy can be used to create positive change out of situations that may have previously seemed impossible or beyond hope.

August Grand Trine

From 24th August to 4th September a Grand Trine forms between Jupiter in Taurus, Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This pattern brings the possibility for a new vision of how to confront the darker aspects of the collective psyche, which we have all witnessed; then, to look in detail at what needs to be healed within society, and to discern, at a subtle feeling level, what has gone wrong within our wider relationships and collective sense of belonging. As we begin to understand this, then we can help to create a new atmosphere of a collective sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, and the empowerment that can bring to all. Pluto remains at the apex of a T-square with Ceres - Uranus in opposition to Juno - Saturn; Pluto’s power struggle is about choosing not to perpetuate old, repeating patterns of karmic attachment to the past, but rather to let go and allow new ways of being to guide us towards the light. There are still unknown risks involved in this, but believing that we will be ‘safe’, if we simply try to maintain or just re-build the status quo, brings even greater long-term risks.   

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