Friday, 15 January 2010

The Chiron - Neptune Alignment

The Chiron - Neptune Conjunction on 16th February 2010

at 12.25 AHST - 22.25 Universal Time / GMT

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Aloha - May you be in the Presence of the Breath of Life

This rare alignment last occurred, also over the Pacific in 1945, two days after the end of WW2; it heralded a new era of international relations, and set the stage for the current awakening and healing of global consciousness.

As they align again, over the Planetary Energy Centre of Hawaii, they offer another opportunity for profound levels of personal healing and global awakening to the energy of Unconditional Love. This is a crucial moment, as we approach a Global Spiritual Re-birth in December 2012. The 2012 Galactic Alignment is assuming great significance in people’s awareness.

This Chiron – Neptune conjunction will be our last opportunity, for this lifetime, to experience the profound changes offered by this alignment, as it will not occur again until 2094! In 1945, Chiron was yet to be discovered, so its full potentials remained unconscious until its discovery in 1977. It happens throughout History that, when a planet is observed for the first time, its psychological and spiritual qualities begin to gradually filter their way into mainstream consciousness. In the late 70’s, we saw the emergence of a wide range of alternative healing and spiritual disciplines, some new, some ancient. Many of these, which were considered to be “fringe” at that time, are now widely accepted by the mainstream.

The February Chiron - Neptune alignment heralds a global shift towards heart-centred consciousness. For this to happen, all of those structures within our personal lives, work and relationships, that are not heart-centred will simply begin to dissolve – this is the way of Neptune, dissolving and removing the limiting structures or illusions that no longer reflect our true self.

This also means that structures within Governments, the Banking System and Big Business, will not be able to sustain themselves unless they become more heart-focussed and compassionate. The uncompromising nature of Chiron requires that, when the time has come for healing and change to occur, it will not rest until that is achieved; the healing process will bring to the surface all of the ugliness, illusion and deception that has been going on, and quietly acquiesced to by us all, since 1945.

It’s time for change, and Neptune will ensure that change will happen both relentlessly…and with compassion. What is required for the compassion to kick in is a letting go and a change of heart; if we truly act from a place of Right Action, with an intention that is for the good of the whole, and then we will freely and effortlessly receive the abundance of the Universe, in every moment. The key is daring to let go and trust.

Chiron / Neptune World Alignments:

Alignments of the north-south Meridians of 8 planets will pass over Mount Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii on 16th February 2010, all within 3 hours and 3 minutes between 11.27 – 14.30 AHST (Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time); one asteroid, Vesta the Eternal Flame of Divine Love, will also pass directly underneath our feet there.

In the crucial hour, from 12.00pm – 1.00pm AHST (Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time), when the Chiron and Neptune Meridians pass overhead, other planetary Meridian alignments will occur over many of the World’s Sacred Sites and Energy Centres.

We urge you to connect and tune in with us at these local times, at or near the Sacred Sites listed below – use meditation, ceremony, dance, singing, or just breathing in stillness, whatever helps you to connect to the Divine Source at the core of your being.

For each planetary alignment, the body chakra that corresponds with that planet is given below, so that you may tailor your ceremony/meditation to focus particularly at that level of consciousness, which will help you to anchor those planetary frequencies through your physical and energy bodies, and into the Earth.

The list below gives the most important of these alignments, with time given in AHST (Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time) and in the Local Time Zone of the Country or State, where they occur:

Note – all times given are on 16th Feb, unless specifically stated to be on 17th Feb

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