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Report on the Chiron-Neptune Ceremony

Haleakala Crater - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010
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The Chiron – Neptune Alignment Ceremony
on February 16th 2010 at
Kukuipuka Heiau, Maui, Hawaii

Home and finally recovered from jet-lag following the Sacred Journey to Hawaii with our wonderful group of planetary Light-workers, it is time for reflection on the momentous inner and outer journey that we have completed.

Our first days on Maui were spent preparing for the Ceremony. In addition to teachings on Astrology, Chakras and the Earth-grids, there was the necessary and sometimes challenging work of bringing a group of very diverse individuals to the place of balance, harmony and unity, so that we could come together as one to assist in grounding the powerful energies of the Chiron – Neptune Conjunction. Our intention was to assist with the healing of Illusions, in order to help birth the manifestation of Divine Unconditional Love into the energy grids of our beloved Earth.

Sacred Hula
We began with an introduction to the music, chants and movements of the Sacred Hula by Robyn Kneubuhl. As well as beginning to free our bodies after long journeys half-way across the world, this introduced us to the Spirit of Hawaii. Some of us also enjoyed the profoundly transformative qualities of a Lomilomi massages.

We had hoped to go swimming with wild dolphins the next day, but when we arrived the dolphins were not there, so we moved on to the place where the Sea-Turtles were. It was a day of rough seas, which got rougher once the first group of “stronger swimmers” had gone out with Tamara, our experienced guide. Some of the “stronger swimmers” did encounter the sea-turtles, but all returned to shore exhausted by the extreme conditions, and sobered by the experience that what Europeans and North Americans might consider a strong swimmer, is very different to what a Hawaiian would call a strong swimmer. This was to be our first lesson in respect for the powerful elements and conditions on these Islands of the planetary Alta Major Centre.

Next day, not one, but two possible boat-trips to visit the humpback whales, were cancelled buy the captains at the last minute – it became clear that we were not ready to meet these gentle giants of the deep Ocean, and that we needed to remain firmly rooted to the Earth. So instead, we visited the exquisite tropical gardens of the “Garden of Eden”, on the road to Hana, from where we could at least see the whales out to sea in the near distance.

The Planets choose us
Back at Malamalama Retreat Center, on Kolealea Organic Farm, we continued preparations for the Ceremony on 16th February. Each planet in the solar system “chose” a person to represent it, including the newly discovered “dwarf planets” of the outer solar system in the Kuiper Belt and beyond. This was important because these “new” planetoids are beginning to connect us with the new archetypes that we will be dealing with in the Age of Aquarius. It was interesting how these newly discovered bodies, many of which have quite negative connotations and mythology, were beginning to reveal their more positive, transformative qualities, as we worked with them.

For example Eris, the goddess of discord and strife, who selected me, taught me that discord and strife is there to show us what needs to be confronted so we can bring new levels of creativity out of chaos. Even the more familiar “traditional” planets had some surprises for us – Venus chose the most yang of the men to represent her, whilst Mars chose one of the most gentle of the women; it was as if the old archetypes were being turned on their heads in preparation for allowing the new energies to flow into the Earth.

It was a steep learning curve for everybody, as we began to integrate the qualities of our planets, as well as learning the protocols necessary for our ceremony with Lei’ohu Ryder, the Hawaiian Kahuna who had so trustingly and graciously agreed to host our ceremony at Kukuipuka Heiau.

Cleansing at I'ao
Lei’ohu had asked us to prepare by cleansing ourselves with salt water and fresh water. So we visited the beach and immersed ourselves in the Ocean, and then into the fresh waters of the I’ao valley. This is a truly wonderful and powerful place, towered over by the “I’ao Needle”, a vast rocky outcrop reaching high up to the sky. Just for good measure, we also got completely drenched by a torrential downpour from above – so, we were thrice blessed, by salt water, fresh water, and heavenly waters!

I'ao Needle - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

On the afternoon before the Ceremony, we made our journey up to the 10,000 foot summit of Mount Haleakala – a stunning and otherworldly place. Apart from the incredible multicoloured “lunar” landscape, the most striking thing was the utter silence and complete stillness – not a sound could be heard, as we sat in silent contemplation of this magical place that was once a cauldron of violent volcanic activity, giving birth to new land. The sunset on Haleakala was beyond words…

Sunset on Haleakala - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

The Ceremony
And so we came to the day of our Ceremony. We were greeted by Lei’ohu, her student helpers, who held the four directions and the “gatekeeper” of the Heiau. It was a blisteringly hot, clear day; on our journey there, we noticed that it was the only day since our arrival when both Haleakala and the I’ao Valley were clearly visible and not covered in cloud.
Kukuipuka Heiau, or sacred enclosure is in a stunning location, on a cliff top, overlooking the Ocean, where we could again see the whales in the distance. Lei’ohu welcomed each person into the Heiau, greeting them in the traditional Hawaiian way – the “Honi”, by touching noses and inhaling the Breath of Life (Aloha) together; then she called in the four directions and the ancestral spirits, and gave a water blessing to each person with sacred waters that we had all brought with us from around the world. Then she invited us to prepare for our ceremony; this began with the setting up of a crystal “net”, or “grid” at the centre of the circle, which was to help anchor in the energies of Chiron and Neptune.

The Crystal Grid - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

Chiron Approaches the Grid - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

Each person in the group moved into their planetary position, mirroring the arrangement of the planets in the heavens overhead, so that the group became the “Living Astrology Chart” of the alignment.

Having aligned ourselves with “our” planets, we called down the Rainbow Bridge Healing energy of Chiron, as it passed directly overhead, moving it down through our bodies as a spiral of rainbow light; then we opened to receive the Unconditional Love energy of Neptune from its “anchor point” in the Soul Star Centre above the Crown Centre, enabling the Pure Compassion of the Divine Feminine to flow as deep blue light down into our hearts; as the Sun passed directly above us, we radiated it outwards and downwards into the Earth.

We continued moving our awareness down through the energy centres in our bodies and then down through the 12 Earth Chakras beneath us; one member of our group beautifully sang the Earth Chakra Tones, to assist in the opening of each centre. As our focus reached the Crystal Core Chakra at the Centre of the Earth, the asteroid Vesta was passing directly beneath us, on the other side of the Earth. Vesta, goddess of the sacred flame, has a strong affinity with Pele, the Hawaiian creatrix of Volcanic fire. So, it was completely appropriate to connect with her energy as Vesta passed beneath our feet, drawing her creative power up into manifestation in our lives and into the Earth’s energy grids, and flowing outwards to all corners of the Earth from this planetary Energy Centre.

The Hawaiian islands, as a whole have the role of the planetary Alta Major (or Shamanic) Centre. Within each planetary energy Centre (and human chakra), there is the holographic resonance of all the other centres/chakras. In the energetic scheme of the seven islands of Hawaii, Maui embodies the energy of the Hara or Dan T’ien (Sacral Centre); this corresponds with the Fire of the Gate of Vitality of Chinese energy-medicine. This is the creative source of the energy behind Will, so Maui was the most appropriate place from which to “push”, or send out the healing energies of Chiron-Neptune into the planetary grids. What I had not realised until we arrived in Maui, was that Kukuipuka Heiau was directly beneath the Chiron north-south “meridian”, as the alignment began – we could not have been at a more appropriate location anywhere else on the entire planet, in that moment!

Next to pass overhead was Jupiter, as we drew the creative fire of Vesta/Pele up to our Brow Centres to help bring into awareness a New Vision for our personal and collective future. Finally, as Venus passed overhead, we drew the energy back down to the Solar Plexus Centre, to enable integration, harmonisation and assimilation of these hugely transformative energies for each person there and for the planet as a whole.

Bringing these powerful energies back down to touch the Earth, each person then spoke the wisdom that they had received from the planet that they were embodying. (Some of these words will be included in the next Blog Update.)
Lei’ohu then invited us to rest in the shade of a tree, as we had been about 90 minutes in the blisteringly hot midday heat; she made blessings and gave thanks as we lay there, recuperating in the blissful coolness.

Hawaii (Big) Island
Two days later, we were on Hawaii Island at Kilauea Volcano, where we had arranged to meet with Leilehua Yuen, to make an offering to Pele at Halema’umau Crater. Leilehua greeted us with Ti leaf leis and the traditional Hawaiian “Honi” greeting. After viewing an awe-inspiring film of the 1959 eruption of the Kilauea Iki crater, we moved outside to where Leilehua told us stories of Pele, and taught us how to make a traditional Hawaiian offering to her, making a beautiful bundle of sacred leaves, and including one of the Morganite crystals from the Ceremony on Maui.

Leilehua led us to a traditional place where offerings are made, and she sang to Pele; then we sang a traditional children’s song, “Ke Ao Nani” (“It’s a Beautiful World”) that we had learned during our Hula class on Maui. It felt appropriate for us to be singing a children’s song, as we were all approaching the rich mysteries and traditions of this land as children, as well as being children of this planet. We were very moved, as Leilehua started to perform the Hula movements that accompanied the song. In the distance the vast plume of steam and sulphur rose from the recently opened vent of Halema’umau Crater, traditionally the home of Pele.

Halema'umau Crater - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

Pele - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

Later that afternoon, we visited the Iki Crater, still steaming 50 years after it erupted!

Kiluaea Iki - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

Then we descended deep into the Earth into the Thurston Lava tube, making our final connection and offering into the heart of Mother Earth.

Thurston Lava Tube - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

Some of us who remained in Hawaii after the group left, were blessed to finally connect with the dolphins and whales…

Humpback Whale Breaching - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

What Happened to the Crystals?
Normally, when we have worked in Ceremony with a Crystal Grid, they have been buried in the Earth during the Ceremony, in order to hold the energy in that place. For many reasons, at this time and in this place, it was felt to be inappropriate to do this. We had been guided to send the crystals in many directions around the planet – this is still unfolding.

To date, this is where the crystals have gone:
The Central Quartz “Rose”, which has been at the centre of the Stonehenge Ceremonies for the last three years, was left with Lei’ohu Ryder and Maui, to remain as a focus and link with the other crystals as they travel around the world.

One of the 8 Lemurian Quartz crystals was carried by Chris Devlin to be given to Lorraine Loyd on Akutan, in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska; a Ceremony was held there in 2005, and a crystal grid was planted, marking the first stage of our work with the Pacific Earth Grids. 

One Lemurian Quartz was placed 
in the gardens of Hamish and Ba Miller at Lelant, Cornwall, England, in the bower that Hamish completed not long before his passing - see below for more information about this, regarding the Mother of Pearl that was also placed in the gardens.

One of the 4 Seraphinites is held by Adrian Mieras, a member of the group and a “Crystal Brother”, to be planted as he is guided.

4 Rose Quartzes were given to the 4 Direction holders at the Ceremony at Kukuipuka Heiau.

1 Labradorite was given to the Gate-keeper at the Ceremony at Kukuipuka Heiau.

1 Blue Lace Agate was given to Barbara Moore, our hostess at the Dragonfly Ranch, Hawaii Island, to assist in communicating her vast knowledge of natural healing to all who visit her.

1 Larimar was given to Tamara “Rainbow” Tavernier, our dolphin guide.
1 Larimar was sent to Rachel Dawson on Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, who placed it in a cave near Bentayga on 24th June 2010.
 Bentayga - Picture by Martin Wiesheu

1 Morganite was offered in the bundle to Pele at Kilauea Volcano.

12 Mother of Pearls were given, one to each of the Sacred Shrines to the world’s religions at the Paleaku Peace Gardens, Hawaii Island.

Green Tara at Paleaku Peace Gardens - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

1 Mother of Pearl was also given to Star Rose, from Oregon, whom we met at the Peace Gardens; she will take it to her nine-acre sacred grounds at Unity of Salem - "a sanctuary of peace and natural habitat that creates a world that works for all our relations". Each year they host an Interfaith Peace Festival in August where many faiths from the community are involved. There will be a ceremony to place the stone on the sacred grounds then.

1 Mother of Pearl was placed at a ceremony held on May 15th 2010 at the Seed of Life, in the gardens of Hamish and Ba Miller at Lelant, Cornwall, England. The garden lies directly on the Athena energy line, which interweaves with the Apollo line; these lines were dowsed  extensively in the 1990's through Ireland, Cornwall and Europe to Israel, by Hamish and Ba with Paul Broadhurst and Vivienne Shanley, as described in their inspiring book, "The Dance of the Dragon".

1 Mother of Pearl was "planted" at the white quartz stone circle at Duloe, in Cornwall, England on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 26th June 2010. A group has been meeting there every Full Moon for the last two and a half years, and some members of the group were present at Duloe, while the Chiron - Neptune ceremony was being held in Hawaii in February 2010. The ceremony for the planting at Duloe was interwoven with prayers for the waters and the creatures of the Gulf of Mexico.

To date, that’s it – we will keep you updated about the journeys of the other crystals, as they unfold.
Mahalo – Thank you
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Blessings from the Galaxy Garden, Paleaku - © Marcus Mason, Feb 2010

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