Friday, 18 June 2010

The Summer Solstice Grand Cross 

From 17th to 26th June, the Sun takes up position in the Grand Cross pattern, which formed on 29th May; the Sun is conjunct Juno and Mercury, and in opposition to Ceres and Pluto. At Summer Solstice (21st June), the challenges and potentials embodied in the Grand Cross move from the soul to the personality level: 

In keeping with the flourishing energy of the solstice, this will be a time for clearly seeing what is required for us to move into a more empowered relationship with Mother Earth. As Ceres and Pluto are both retrograde, the brightness of the solstice Sun can reveal  to us the places where we are not in right relationship with the planet or with what truly nourishes and empowers us at the deepest levels.  

On the other axis of the Grand Cross, Saturn is in opposition with Jupiter and Uranus - we may  now be seeing where we need to get to, and even how to get there, but Saturn is apparently holding us back. In reality, it is telling us that there are still practical considerations and structures that need to be put in place before we can reach our goals; if we are having difficulties with manifesting those structures, then we need to look within and consider any ways that we may be dis-empowering or sabotaging ourselves by getting caught in fear, negative thinking or the perpetuation of old patterns of relationship that no longer serve us.

Now is the time to make whatever decisions and changes are necessary, so that we can move forward into a place of empowerment, and start to really manifest a new vision for our future, when Ceres turns direct in August, and Pluto in September. By the time they become conjunct in October, we should be able to see what we need to do, and how we need to achieve that.