Friday, 17 September 2010

Full Moon Equinox

A Full Moon Equinox

 Equinox on 23rd September
at 04.10 BST - 03.10 Universal Time (GMT)
calculated for Avebury, UK
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A Full Moon at the Autumn Equinox (23rd September) finds the Sun in opposition to the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus, all forming a T-square with asteroid Ceres. The Sun is also quincunx (150°) to Chiron and Neptune. 

Ceres is in a pivotal role here - it lies less than 1° from exact alignment with the Galactic Centre (27° Sagittarius), as well as being involved in three learning triangles (with Moon-Jupiter-Uranus and Juno; with Juno and Pallas; and with Chiron-Neptune and Pallas). This all suggests that manifesting our long-term vision for the Earth becomes crucial during this Full Moon Equinox. Ceres becomes exactly conjunct the Galactic Centre on 27th September.

To help understand the full significance of Ceres’ position, I want to introduce you to the “Sabian Symbols”. These are 360 symbolic images for each degree of the zodiac, which were clairvoyantly received in 1925, in San Diego by Miss Elsie Wheeler and astrologer Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. They offer deep insights into the spiritual energies behind a planet’s position in a particular degree. Sometimes their meaning is obscure, but at others startlingly clear, which is the case with the most significant planets involved at this Equinox.

The Sabian Symbol for Ceres (27° Sagittarius) is “A sculptor’s vision taking form”. Ceres is the Great Mother, the creator of forms on Earth, whilst the Galactic Centre is the creative hub from where divine forms and archetypes come into manifestation - the “Divine Sculptor”. With Ceres aligned at the Galactic Centre at this time of balance between the spiritual and physical realms, this is a golden opportunity to bring our spiritual essence into form through the loving embrace of Mother Earth. Everything is primed for this: other Sabian Symbols for this pattern include a Prism (Jupiter and Uranus), a perfect rainbow forming, as light breaks through the clouds (Juno), an X-ray (Pallas Athene) and a fertile garden under the Full Moon (Moon): so, the Divine Sculptor’s vision manifests through a prism of light, creating a rainbow, bringing the vision down through the planes of existence, revealing everything with x-ray clarity, so that our individual garden of the soul may come to fruition – now that’s what I call a powerful Equinox!

These potentials are then held by a “Cradle” pattern which lasts until 9th October; an opposition between Juno and Chiron-Neptune holds the potential for Unconditional Love, Healing and Right Relationship to be absorbed deep into the Heart of Mother Earth, by Vesta and Ceres, enabling those qualities to come safely to fruition in our hearts and minds. We need to understand the importance of holding, cherishing and nurturing these new potentials, so that they will emerge strong and clear in 2011.