Monday, 21 September 2009

The September Equinox

A powerful Autumn Equinox, on Tuesday 22nd Sept at 22.19 BST (21.18 UT) propels us towards the final stages of 2009, as the challenges of this year begin to move towards a resolution and set the stage for the major changes in 2010, which will accelerate us towards a New Dawn, beginning in December 2012.

Chart of the September 22nd Equinox

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The Sun, Mercury and Saturn are conjunct at the Equinox, bringing spirit, mind and body into alignment to meet the challenging opposition from the Juno / Uranus conjunction (both retrograde), with Pluto completing a T-square pattern:

It’s time to get your act together and let go of everything in your life that is not an expression of Right Relationship; then prepare to stand fully in your power, ready for the roller-coaster ride of global healing that will emerge after Chiron and Neptune align in February 2010. Take a deep breath and remember to keep breathing and centered, however that works for you – meditation, yoga, walks in the woods, gardening, sitting with friends, or just sitting…

Two inter-laced “Learning Triangles” are created by Ceres, Mars and Jupiter, and by Moon, Jupiter and Mars:

Ceres in Libra is calling us to find a place of balance in the ways that we think about our relationship with the planet, and what we each now need for our personal and spiritual nourishment; whilst the square (90°) aspect from Ceres to Mars in Cancer, is causing us to act in order to change the status quo of our old emotional patterns, comfort zones and attachments, especially when we know that they are not giving us what we truly need, and are having detrimental effects on the planet as a whole. The quincunx (150°) aspect from Mars to Jupiter in Aquarius is challenging us to consciously create a new belief-system and value system that can enable us to get our own needs met, and take care of others and the planet…but we probably can’t see that clearly yet, as Jupiter remains retrograde until October 13th - then we can really get things moving.

The Moon in Scorpio is causing us to dig deep and to look at (and question) our emotional values, patterns and attachments – Scorpio is a “Fixed” sign, which means that our attachments can be very deeply rooted in old emotional patterns that cause us to fear change – especially when that change may take us into unfamiliar emotional territory, or trigger early memories of loss, abandonment, or any level of abuse of our feelings. However, the square (90°) aspect from the Moon to retrograde Jupiter means that whilst we cling to those old attachments, for whatever reason, we will not see clearly where we need to be heading next. The quincunx (150°) aspect from Jupiter back to Mars in Cancer means that we simply have to muster our emotional courage and take the risks that are necessary to confront old, stuck emotional patterns, and start to move forward into the unknown…or we can simply retreat into our shell, feel even more frustrated and powerless about the things that are not right in our lives, and blame others because they are not right. However, the effect of the two Learning Triangles working together means that it will become very uncomfortable for us if we do not make the changes that we know we need to make – in the words, attributed to Goethe “"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."

For the moment, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune remain together and retrograde, helping us to release the cords of our attachments to outmoded ways of thinking, being and believing. We are being called to let go of cherished beliefs that may have served us well in life, thus far. Now is the time to acknowledge and give thanks for those beliefs, and be open to receive whatever comes next. What does come next needs to be an expression of the true beliefs and values that spring spontaneously from our individual Spirit. The beliefs of others, no matter how wise or enlightened they may appear to be, are not necessarily what is true for the unique individuality of our spiritual soul. Only by becoming empty in this way can the inspiration of the New flow in unimpeded. If our mind or heart is cluttered with past beliefs, hopes and unfulfilled dreams, then there can be no room for the New to take root. When we become truly empty, then all things become possible.

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