Thursday, 1 October 2009

October - December Update ~ Are You a Mystic or a Striver?

The Mystic Rectangle

A rare “Mystic Rectangle” pattern occurs from 30th September to 15th October. Saturn will be in opposition with Uranus and Juno: During the two weeks the pattern lasts, Pallas Athene, Mercury and Venus move sequentially into conjunction with Saturn. On the other axis of the rectangle, Mars will be in opposition to the Moon’s North Node.

The Mystic Rectangle ~ Click on Image to Enlarge

The Mystic Rectangle’s purpose is to confront our inner conflicts (the oppositions), and to find our still Centre, which is the only place from where these conflicts may be resolved. When this deep centering occurs, huge resources of energy become available, but as long as we resist the challenges in the oppositions, then we are likely to feel tired, drained and confused. So, what are these challenges?

Retrograde Uranus and Juno are conjunct in Pisces, challenging us to let go of everything in our lives that does not express Right Relationship – this is particularly true of our long-held emotional belief-systems and values. At a deeper level (and Pisces is very deep), it would be true to say that they are actually challenging us to let go of all the patterns that we are holding onto from the past 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces, that do not express Right Relationship with ourselves and others! Put simply - it’s time to let go of any attitudes that do not enable us to express Compassion and Unconditional Love for ourselves and all of our fellow-beings on this planet…which is basically and simply what the Piscean Age’s Spiritual Teaching was all about. We have 3 more years (until 2012) until Time’s Up completely on the Age of Pisces – so, it’s time to review how we have each fared with that old “Love your Neighbour As Yourself” thing over the last 2,000 years or so. It sounds quite a simple task to accomplish, when viewed in the larger perspective, doesn’t it?

Saturn’s opposition with Uranus and Juno brings into sharp focus exactly how and where we are still attached to those old patterns of fear and denial of our spiritual heart. Saturn in Virgo shows us the intricate tapestry of attachments that we have woven into our lives over many lifetimes, but which are now limiting us, and preventing us from allowing ourselves to move forwards. Uranus/Saturn oppositions always challenge us to wake up and withdraw the projection of our inner Shadow onto others - it is time to take full responsibility for our lives, and not to blame others for whatever it is that we fear the most.

First Pallas brings the urge to break free; then Mercury starts to bring the know-how for doing this; then Venus brings the motivation, at the emotional level, to move more towards Right Relationship; the next day, Venus moves into Libra, which is the sign of relationship – there is such elegance in the Cosmos!

Meanwhile, Mars conjuncts the Moon’s South Node in Cancer, challenging us to finally have the courage to release our attachments to emotional “comfort zones”, and embrace new challenges and opportunities, that are afforded by the North Node in Capricorn…if we can let go of the past. If we fearfully, or stubbornly hold on, then we simply won’t have the clarity of vision to recognise these new opportunities. The day after the pattern completes, Mars moves into Leo, bringing a new lease of energy, vitality and creativity.

Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune turn Direct

Meanwhile, during October Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune start to appear moving direct (forwards) again, after a prolonged retrograde period (appearing to move backwards from Earth’s perspective). We are emerging from a time when their focus was internalised, enabling us to finally release those old belief patterns, before our new Vision can emerge. Jupiter moves direct first on 13th October, in opposition to asteroid Vesta; next is Chiron on 31st October, also in opposition to Vesta and then Neptune on 4th November (just in time for the fireworks!) and yes, you guessed it, Neptune is in opposition to Vesta!

The Striving Figure

The oppositions with Vesta form the “backbone” of a “Striving Figure”, which includes the Juno-Uranus conjunction and the Moon’s North Node.

The Striving Figure ~ Click on Image to Enlarge

This figure is concerned with aligning our emerging Vision with the deepest levels of our spiritual heart (Vesta); it is about reaching out to live our lives from the truest expression of our spiritual essence, and with the utmost integrity, honesty and compassion. From this place, we will no longer tolerate half-truths, spin and excuses from ourselves, or from those in positions of power around us. This is about saying to those who continue to act from a lack of integrity, honesty, or awareness of the good of the whole “we can see right through you, and your days are numbered”. To ram this home, Juno and Uranus make their third and final conjunction on 20th November.

On 2nd December, Uranus goes direct – hold on to your seats, because everything is about to change. With every planet moving direct between 5th – 20th December, nothing can now resist the processes of change that we ourselves have instigated. To paraphrase J.W.Goethe - Whatever it is that we have been dreaming we could do, now is the time to begin it!