Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer Solstice 2012

Summer Solstice 2012
20th June - 23.09 UT (GMT) / 21st June - 00:09 BST (01:09 CEDT)

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At Summer Solstice, we are being reminded of the need to remain true to ourselves, as the Sun forms a ‘sensitivity triangle’, with a quincunx (150°) aspect to the Moon’s North Node in Sagittarius, and semi-sextiles (30°) to Jupiter conjunct retrograde Venus in Gemini and Ceres in Taurus.

There is an urgent need to understand how to align our heart-minds (Sun) with our individual vision for the future (Jupiter) and with our collective spiritual purpose (Moon’s Node). The challenge that faces us is how to fulfil both our individual and collective dreams, whilst simultaneously honouring the body and spirit of beloved Mother Earth (Ceres).

To do this, we need to let go of attachments to old patterns and ways of relating to the apparent dualism of the spiritual and material realms. Our consciousness is being challenged to go beyond the tendency to judge situations or others in black and white terms of ‘this is right or that is wrong’.

The solstice continues the themes of healing and re-balancing the masculine and feminine that were focussed by the May 20th Solar Eclipse and Venus transit. We are being called to grow up spiritually and understand the relativistic nature of how we express the masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves and out in the world. The Eclipse, followed by the Venus transit showed that as soon as one aspect of consciousness changes, then everything else must change to adapt to that.

As 2012 brings us closer towards living in 5th dimensional consciousness, we need to heal our habits of perpetuating any old Piscean Age archetypes, which support the belief that our personal view of the Universe is the only right view – any such belief inevitably creates dualism and division. All we can truly say is that our personal view of the Universe contributes a unique perspective towards the understanding of the whole, and that everyone else’s view is also valid. If we don’t do this, then we are in denial of our Oneness with the whole of life, and certainly not living from 5th dimensional consciousness.

As the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky, the conjunction of Uranus and Pallas Athene in Aries plays a pivotal role in keeping our perceptions and boundaries crystal clear, so that we can live our truth, whilst honouring the integrity of other people’s truth.

There is also a ‘Cradle’ pattern, formed by an opposition between Vesta in Taurus and retrograde Juno in Scorpio, with sextiles to Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Virgo. A ‘Learning Triangle’ between Mercury, Saturn and Mars is woven into the Cradle pattern:  We are being challenged to live in the now and maintain the integrity of the heart, so that we express right relationship in every moment, based on our discernment of the emotional requirements of each situation. Juno and Saturn are both retrograde, meaning that we cannot rely on any rules, or accumulated experiences of the past about the ‘right ways’ to relate to others – what matters is our heart’s ability to respond to the changing needs, and emotional tone of each moment.