Friday, 31 August 2012

Hawaii Sacred Journey - Nov 2012

World-wide Link-up for the November 13th 
Solar Eclipse in the South Pacific

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The Significance of the November Solar Eclipse

On November 13th, at the moment of Maximum Eclipse, the Sun’s and Moon’s north-south ‘meridian’ lines will be aligned over Hawaii Big Island and Maui, whilst the Eclipse shadow itself will be crossing the South Pacific, running parallel to the planetary Great Female Dragon (Rainbow Serpent) Line.

This Eclipse is a mirror image of the Annular Eclipse of May 20th 2012, which traversed the North Pacific and crossed the Great Male Dragon (Plumed Serpent) Line at Mount Fuji, Japan and Mount Shasta, California. 

 May 20th & November 13th Eclipse Paths, with Great Male (gold) and Great Female (silver) Dragon Lines

Together these two Eclipses bring the possibility for healing the imbalances between the masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness within humans, societies, countries, businesses, international relations and the planet herself. The May Eclipse brought the conditions for releasing and healing the misaligned energies of the masculine that have resulted in much past destruction, including two world wars, countless nuclear tests in Pacific Islands, and now the current global chaos, created by severe imbalances in the world’s banking systems and big business.

The November 13th Eclipse will enable the feminine aspects of consciousness to begin to move into right relationship with the already healed and healing aspects of the masculine. On that day, Mars also aligns with the Galactic Centre, realigning the energy of the male spiritual warrior back to the creative source of the Galaxy. The presence of the Sun’s and Moon’s meridian lines over Hawaii will enable the full creative potential of the Eclipse to imprint into the sacred islands of Hawaii, the planetary Alta Major Centre, or global energy vortex that can bring us conscious awareness of the sacredness of all life on this planet.

On our sacred journey to Hawaii Big Island and Maui (Nov 1st – 15th), we will connect with these ancient and sacred islands, and with keepers of the kahuna tradition to hold an eclipse ceremony in Maui, and create a resonance of ‘as above, so below’ and assist the profoundly healing energies of the eclipse to come to Earth and be carried out into the planet from this most sacred planetary vortex. If you would like to join us, please let us know as soon as possible.

Eclipse Ceremony 
Once again, we are blessed to be able to hold our ceremony with Lei’ohu Ryder at the lovingly restored Kukuipuka Heiau, overlooking the ocean.

Although the Eclipse itself is not visible in Hawaii, the Sun and Moon’s north – south Meridians will align over Big Island and Maui at the exact moment of Maximum Eclipse, enabling us to help anchor the Eclipse energies into the Planetary Alta Major Centre and Earth Grids. This eclipse heralds a healing and harmonisation of the personal and planetary energies of the Feminine and Masculine, in preparation for the Solar - Galactic Alignment on 21st December.  

The Spiritual Intention for this journey is to work together lovingly as a group, preparing ourselves in body, mind and spirit so that we can become clear channels for anchoring the transformative energies of the Eclipse into the sacred land of Hawaii and Mother Earth. 

With love, joy and blessings,
Marcus and Sue